Vodacom, HTC Magic, and bad communication

HTCMagic_small I’m one of *those* geeks!  Yes, the ones who want the latest technology and become all obsessive about getting it.  The ones who make the lives of those around them miserable when waiting because they keep saying “When I get my X I’ll do Y” or “I just read that there’s now an awesome app for device X”.

Back in the day (4, or so years ago) I was a Vodacom customer, but I swapped to MTN to get the iMate SP3.  I then stuck with MTN at my next upgrade to get the HTC TyTn.  So when it came time for my upgrade this year, I looked around and found nothing really cool in South Africa.  But there was hope for the iPhone and with the possibility of one of our networks releasing an Android based phone.

Last month MTN released the HTC Dream, and there were rumours that Vodacom were going to release the HTC Magic.  Last week (on around the 12th of May) a number of local news sources reported that Vodacom was indeed going to be launching the HTC Magic and while most of them just repeated a press release, a few offered extra info like MyBroadband’s “Vodacom to launch Google G2 phone”.  They mentioned that it would be available next week (aka from the 18th of May).

Long story short, I spent over 3 hrs waiting on hold to speak to someone from Vodacom Direct only to find out that they knew nothing about the phone.  Neither did any of the 4 Vodashop’s that I tried to contact.  Everyone kept saying “It will be out mid June” despite the fact that there had been the press release and articles and even despite the fact that a Vodacom brochure outside each of the Vodashop’s had an ad for the phone saying “Launching May 2009”.

I was ready to write a really peeved post about how terrible Vodacom’s communications were (Did you know? They even got the phone number for Vodacom Direct wrong in their press release!) until a Vodacom representative (vodacom3g) replied to a post on the MyBroadband forums saying:

They are in the warehouse but we’re busy updating the firmware. (Otherwise you all bitch and moan again! )
So speak to your local shop (they all order their own stock). I’d venture it should be in the shops in the next few days.

[Link to post]

Soon after that they responded to a few other questions.  Suddenly I knew why there was a delay (although it didn’t explain why the various channels I’d tried earlier hadn’t known) and I was happy with the reason.

Hopefully the phones will have started shipping out to my local Vodashop in the next day or two and I’ll finally get my hands on one of these babies within the next week.

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Please let me know hen you get it right I’ve been through the same process. I even emailed the sales guys at Vodacom with the press release off their own website. They ignored me.

and another thing, I noticed you’ve not blogged about your home cell for a few years…. Do you still attend one?

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