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Cool online shop!

Wow!  I just placed an order for my wife’s birthday
present from Take2 and I found out something… They’re bloody cheap. 
I checked out prices for some music and some DVD’s (a few boxed sets and a few
individual movies) and they beat Kalahari’s prices (not difficult).  But
what suprised me is that usually if you order more than 3 or 4 DVD’s
you can usually get them way cheaper if you were to use  In
this case however, had the one set of DVD’s at about R350, had them at R200, and Take2 had them even cheaper than that. 

I’ve dealt with Take2 before and they’re really cool – a little understaffed
– but their products have arrived on time, and their site is really easy to
use.  Take 2 used to be more expensive than Kalahari, so I’ve used Kalahari
a few times… Their service sucks! Ever tried calling their support line? 
Or even using their revolutionary use of QQ for customer service.  I tried
QQ (yet another irritating IM client) and their customer service people are
NEVER online.  So I’ve always had to call them.  Their IVR system is
silly…  Instead of asking you what language you want to be spoken to up
front, they insist on repeating everything in both english and afrikaans until
the very last question.  I’ve waited for over 15 minutes every time I call
them, and their support people generally seem rather clueless.

Anyway, I just love getting good bargains online.  So next time you shop
for DVDs, CDs, Books, or electronic goods take a look at Take2 – maybe
they’ll suprise you like they did me.