Dancing barefoot…

Besides being the title of a book by Will Wheaton, its what I’ve been doing every now and again this week.  All this was possible because of the ultra-cool playstation game by Konami called “Dancing Stage Euromix“, its the PSX version of the arcade game that you often see kids “dancing” on at gaming arcades.Its […]

This weeks cell

Home Cell (Bible study) this week was very different, by design.  I had 3 topics to talk on, but after Sunday’s service (Check out Charlie’s comments) I felt it would be better to spend some time praying and chatting about life stuff.Since next week is our first “Open House” week for the cell, I thought it would […]

New Microsoft EMEA development site (with a cool competition)

Microsoft EMEA have a new site – CodeZone, which links to SADeveloper.net.If you go there, check out the Magazine and order a sample.  You could win a Motorola MPx 200. (A windows based smart phone) Check out the picture on the right, its a MPx 200. (BTW: It might disappear later because I’ve linked directly […]