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Its a wonderful life in 30 seconds…

Ok, so I’ve never watched this movie but I always hear about it in the US TV programs and movies… Here’s a link to “It’s a wonderful life in 30 seconds” re-enacted by bunnies… Its kinda funny. 😀

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Funny signs… (or is my mind just odd)

Ok, so I was just at the Belgian Consulate fetching our passports (with nice new Shengen visa’s inside) and, while waiting for the lift to come to take me back downstairs, I ended up reading their evacuation procedure.  (The building is the old IS building in Rosebank – where I used to work in 2000)

Anyway, they were all kinda normal. “Don’t panic”, “switch off your pc”, etc… but what caught my imagination was the “Take your handbag/briefcase/visitors and leave the building”…  Do they mean to imply that visitors are like handbags/briefcases?  I could just see some poor female employee swinging her handbag and her visitor over her shoulder and exiting the building.  That should, after all, be perfectly normal behaviour according to this sign.

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I just realised today that I’ve not mentioned a thing about my up-coming trip overseas… Tomorrow Christie and I leave… our trip takes us to London (Via Paris – just a stopover and plane change, not a visit).  From London we’re either going to catch a lift with the in-laws or take the tube and a train to Southend-on-Sea, where Christie’s grandmotner lives.

She’s not doing so well, which is what caused our trip (which was planned for early next year) to be moved to December.  So while its not a happy reason for taking a trip, we’re going to make the most of the stay and try get into London for a day or so to see some touristy sites.

We leave for London tomorrow (21st), arrive there on the 22nd, and leave London again on the 27th.  Again our flight goes via Paris but this time (unlike on the way to London) we are stopping in Paris and being picked up by my mother (who lives in Brussels), and we’re going to go stay with her for about 7 days visiting various touristy sites around there.  (Brussels, Brugges, Amsterdam, etc)

We leave from Paris again on the 4th of January and arrive in Johannesburg on the 5th.  So , I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful new year!  I’ll be contactable via e-mail over that time but considering the amount of touristy things we’ll be doing, I doubt I’ll respond too quickly.

Here are some links to the various place’s we’re going…

Places [Wikipedia] Links
London London [Wikitravel]

Paris [Wikitravel]
AirFrance (We’re flying with them)

Southend-on-Sea Southend-on-Sea [Wikitravel]
Brussels Brussels [Wikitravel]
Brugge Brugge [Wikitravel]
Amsterdam Amsterdam [Wikitravel]
Johannesburg Johannesburg [Wikitravel]

I hope the links are useful… They have info on great places to see, things to do, where to buy stuff, how to travel, where to stay, etc… and if you find anything special out yourself, you can just add it to the page.  (That’s the joy of Wiki’s)  I’ll post an update (with pics) when we get back..

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Free software for smartphones from Handango…

I *knew* there was a reason I was subscribed the the Windows Mobile Team‘s blog….

Today they posted an entry about Handango giving away free software… Check it out! It looks like they’re doing PalmOS apps too…

I’ve already started downloading my first SmartPhone app… Ok, so I don’t have a smartphone yet, but I will. (As soon as I either decide to move to MTN who are advertising the iMate SP3, or as soon as Vodacom get their act together and start offering the phone.)  But until then, I’ll be stocking up on free software for my soon-to-be new phone each week till 31 January 2005.