Testing blog from Windows Live Writer on Vista

It took the Live installer about 3 tries to get the installation right, so hopefully Live Writer will actually work first time.  Since I’m writing a “test” blog, I might as well say something other than “testing.  So here goes:  “I don’t like Vista, its a painful thorn in my side that I can’t wait to get rid of every evening when I leave work.”

Copying files is now a hellishly long procedure, my windows explorer crashes at least 5 times a day, applications keep hanging, the “Start bar search” is useless, I have to delete a folder twice if I actually want it to get deleted (first time it just deletes the contents of the folder and not the folder itself), explorer keeps on showing me stuff in “Photo” view instead of the standard view, it also keeps “grouping” stuff instead of sorting by the column I want, and just the other day I installed an application from Microsoft that popped up a dialog box that said:

“This app requires Windows XP or greater to operate.
Please visit for upgrade details”

So now I have proof that even Microsoft think that the Windows XP is an upgrade to Vista.