Damn… IMHO lost the body of this post, so here’s a rewrite of it…

For christmas my wife bought me a webcam that I could use to chat to relatives overseas. (We’re not very good at waiting until christmas day to give our gifts)  Ever since working on AfriCam’s site in 2000 I’ve liked the idea of setting up a webcam, so I did some searching and found Dorgem which does pretty much everything you could want some webcam software to do.  So I quickly setup a cam at home, and the next day I showed it off at work.

Charlie, who works with me, had won a small digital camera that also works as a web cam at an end of year function so we quickly set about getting images of our office on the net.  So with a little bit of .net code we now have a few pages WebCam, History, and a WAP based page. 

Beware you wap users, the images are probably bigger than your screen so you might have hassles viewing them… Oh, and they’re JPEGs so some phone’s won’t be able to show them… we tested them on a Nokia (didn’t like JPEGs), Sony Ericsson (didn’t display the whole image, and wouldn’t let you scroll across it), and my iMate (which worked perfectly, it either automatically resizes the image to one that fits the screen or lets you scroll around the image to see it all).

Shortly after that I found some issues with my home webcam so I’ve returned it to the shop and will only get one when I get back from holiday (in January), so for the moment you can watch us at work.  It is quite possibly the coolest web cam in the world, and in fact in the entire history of the world. 😉  So check it out at