Server Farm: “64bits good 32bits baaaaaad”

It seems that not all processors are equal, but at least the other 1/2 of the Animal Farm slogan holds true – “but some are more equal than others.” I just read a post by Matt Davey about the MSN Messenger Server Farm where he quotes from Paul’s WinHEC 2005 blog: “ 250 32bit processor servers ==> 25 […]

iMate SP3 tip/trick

I’ve been frustrated that my SP3 doesn’t disconnect from GPRS properly.  Aparently Windows Mobile 2002 introduced the feature that GPRS would remain connected to save time but they introduced a GPRS “inactivity disconnect” feature so that if GPRS wasn’t used for X seconds it would disconnect automatically. Before I upgraded the software to, the GPRS […]

An overview of the SA Developer User Group meeting – aka I won! I won!

Ok, so maybe my last blog post was a bit premature.  I made it to the meeting only 50 minutes late – just in time for the second session.  Unfortunately it was not very well attended, however that was very fortunate for me.  Because I got asked a question and I knew the answer, so I […]

Media Sharing…

Ok, so this blog comes out of some selfish motives…  I found out what book is being given away at today’s SA Developer user group meeting in JHB.  Its one that I’d really like to read, but I’m probably going to be very late and even if I did somehow know the right answers I probably […]