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iMate SP3 tip/trick

I’ve been frustrated that my SP3 doesn’t disconnect from GPRS properly.  Aparently Windows Mobile 2002 introduced the feature that GPRS would remain connected to save time but they introduced a GPRS “inactivity disconnect” feature so that if GPRS wasn’t used for X seconds it would disconnect automatically.

Before I upgraded the software to, the GPRS timeout option seemed to work fine. However now it just stays connected, and the only way I could find to switch it off was to put the phone in “Flight mode” (all the “phone/communication bits switch off” so that it won’t crash planes if you use the phone in an airplane) and then put it back into normal mode.

But with a bit of googling I found out that if you press and hold the “Home” key, it will take you to a quick menu which lets you either disconnect the GPRS or change your Bluetooth settings.  If I hadn’t found that, I was about to try write an app that would disconnect the bluetooth for me.  I’m kinda relieved that I don’t have to attempt that – I’m just starting with .Net CF programming and I’m not keen to try find out what P/Invoke I’d have to do to get that right…

[Update: It looks like good old PInvoke.Net has info for Smart devices too, uber cool! Oh yeah, and I’ve just looked at bits of the OpenNetCF classes and *WOW* they provide a whole bunch of cool functionality!]

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The Smart Device Framework 1.2 rocks, especially for serial port access which was only introduced into the new 2.0 editions of the frameworks.

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