Sharing is not always caring

This week I read an article that a friend posted on Facebook ( which basically days that sometimes sharing isn’t caring. The world is not yours to take, you have to earn what you get and sometimes it isn’t fair.

I have never been a fan of the idea that “participation prizes” … That somehow everyone is equal. I believe we need to encourage people to try things, but that you also need to know when you are bad at something and when you are good.

If you don’t reward what you are good at, and learn what you are bad at, you can’t focus on your strengths… Imagine having spent hundreds of hours practicing singing, then going to an Idols audition to have the judges tell you the truth “you can’t sing”. Years of singing with friends and family and not one has said that to you… The shock of not understanding why the judges don’t agree with what everyone else has said. I saw it too often, and it’s sad. Instead of spending time building something they are good at, they have been encourage to waste time on something they have no skills at. If I was them, I would be pretty darned pissed off at the people in my life who had been lying to me.

I have seen this ad for Lays on Hulu many many times ( where a young girl notices a tired looking guy is focused on her chip, makes him hit his head against a window in his daze and then laughs at it.

Initially I thought “awwww, such a cute ad”… But the more I watch it, the more I see her scheming to hurt someone instead of help them, and to then laugh at them to rub salt in the wound. So basically “let’s sell our chips by showing a manipulative and bitchy kid” – there are so many more positive messages they could have used but this one just re-in forces the stereotype of the “bratty kid who nobody will correct because she is ‘unique and special’ like all the other kids”. Definitely not a great example for kids, or parents.

If I did that as a kid, my folks would be furious that I was being a spoiled brat… But today that sells chops. Sigh, parents these days… They aren’t like they used to be.

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