This must be a good day for me.  I think I’ve just found where to stay!  I was looking at PrivateProperty.co.za and I found a place just round the corner from where I want to stay, at just under what I’m wanting to pay (including levy and electricity).  Its about 3-5km from Christie’s work, and on […]

Why we love Edgars…

Here is why I love Edgars:Edgars have Edgars Club.Edgars Club has various options.  One of which is “Lifestyle”The “Lifestyle” option has “Legal Assistance”“Legal Assistance” has given me advice on how to start getting my money out of the guy that owes me cash.The first thing I need to do is to basically write a letter demanding […]

MS Codenames

If you’re into the MS technologies, you’ll probably have started to notice that Microsoft are starting to push their “next versions” already.  Their codenames are being thrown around in newsgroups, blogs, and development sites: Longhorn (with Inigo, Avalon (including XAML), and the “third pillar of Longhorn” which I can’t remember), Whidbey, Yukon.  I even saw […]

Fun links

Fun links from BoingBoing.net: “High-speed, slo-mo videos of various foodstuffs being shot” direct link here or via BoingBoing. An interesting method that spammers (might) use to get valid e-mail addresses to send spam from. (yet another reason to hate porn) via BoingBoing QTVRs from Cambodia via BoingBoing