This must be a good day for me.  I think I’ve just found where to stay!  I was looking at and I found a place just round the corner from where I want to stay, at just under what I’m wanting to pay (including levy and electricity).  Its about 3-5km from Christie’s work, and on the route I’d use to get to my work. AND its just being built, so we’d be living in a house that nobody else has lived in yet.  Anyway, we’re going to check it out over the weekend to see if its all I hope it will be. πŸ™‚

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WOW, that’s exciting news, must be so weird to know that you are both going to be living together as husband and wife in a bran new house… (does it have a white picked fence ;p) – I can’t imagine the day when that will be me. But I still look forward to it. I’m sure things must be so hectic for you at the moment, but at the same time, it must be so exciting!!! You have to have a BIG house warming, and I will bring my camra πŸ˜€

styling! very cool man. will try and look for pics. so christie has a job? Nice one! So you will shortly be twogainfully employed, happily married couple. Very cool.

Am trying to get some details from the site – have managed to cram 15mins of work in before lunch so having a touch day.

Sounds like you are a well sorted boy palie!

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