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Bloemfontein and Internet Access

We’ve just arrived in bloemfontein for  a “church conference” that’s lasting the week.  Since I may need to do some work, I brought my iBurst modem from home (they cover a fair portion Bloem), and since my wife would feel left out if I had net access and not her we brought our wireless router with too.

We checked into the hotel about 45 mnutes ago and within 5 minutes our wireless network from home was up and running and super fast.  Sometimes I love technology.. It seems as if there aren’t too many iBurst users in Bloem because the network speeds are pretty cool compared to at home in Joburg.

Its the first time I’ve been anywhere and taken my internet and wifi router with me… Its super geeky, but its cool.

We could have used the hotel’s wifi, but its damned expensive. So now we can sit at the pool surfing the net wirelessly without paying an extra cent. 


Mixed blessings from FedEx

Earlier this week I bought a 4gb Creative Zen V Plus MP3 Player through a shop on eBay.  Part of the purchase was that it was shipped via FedEx.  So it starts being shipped and arrives in South Africa super quickly.  On Thursday morning I got a call to say it was in south africa and would go through customs soon.  On thursday evening I got a call from them to confirm the VAT ammount I had to pay for the import of the MP3.  They confirmed my address and confirmed that it would be delivered on Friday after 10am. I was very impressed that they’d called and communicated so well.

On Friday at about 1pm I checked the online tracking and it said that the package was “held” at the warehouse, so I called to find out what was up.  After a wait on their rather silly IVR system I spoke to a customer support lady who ensured me that it would be delivered by the close of business.

At 4:10pm, I called again to confirm that it was in fact going to be delivered before 5pm, and I was told that yes it would be, and that if it wasn’t they’d arrange delivery on Saturday.   I’m going away next week so if I don’t get it on Saturday I will have to wait for a whole week before I can get it.  I was very pleased that they’d deliver on a Saturday if there was a problem.  Up to now I’d had quite amazing customer service from them.

At 5:15pm I called again to find out what was happening, and the customer support person put me on hold while the called the driver.  The upshot of it was that I was told that the driver would not be able to deliver it to me today, and that I couldn’t get it delivered tomorrow. (Very uncool considering I’d been told repeatedly that it would be delivered today and that I was told if it didn’t get delivered it would be delivered on Saturday.)

Now that I’m home I just got an e-mail from FedEx saying that the delivery could not be made because “Customer not Available or Business
Closed”.  Which completely fails to mention the fact that actually FedEx failed to deliver it within business hours as per agreement.

So after failing to live up to the promise to deliver today, and then failing to live up to the promise to deliver on Saturday, they promptly e-mail me to say that it’s my fault for not being at work after hours so that they could deliver the parcel that they finally told me they’d not be able to deliver at all.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to go and collect it from their offices since I don’t want to wait a week until I can get it.