Ignoring potential customers is BAAAAAAD, m’kay?

I mailed about 5 of the iBurst resellers on Tuesday at about 10am asking them for pricing and other info about getting an iBurst connection from them.  FusionReactor called me back in about 10 minutes… Nobody else responded, until now.  I just got an e-mail from one of the resellers saying that they’re out of […]


A few weeks ago I decided that my bad old dial-up was wasting my time and money… I’d spend 45 minutes downloading 10 emails – mainly because my modem kept disconnecting every 10 minutes, and when it was connected it was kinda slow. So I looked at my alternatives… ADSL, MyWireless, and iBurst.  My phone bills were about […]

Lessons Learned

Today I did some learning, and it wasn’t a fun learning… You might remember a while ago (like about a year ago) I was rather peeved because a certain person who I had done some freelance work for was not paying me.  I mentioned one of his excuses (that he’d paid another developer with the […]