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Faster!! Faster!!

I just can’t believe the speeds I was downloading at last night at home on my iBurst connection!  Whatever they did to the base station I connect to worked!  Last night I was downloading about 3 things at once with a combined download speed of 80-90kBytes per second – thats 640 to 720 kbits per second!!!  Then this morning I thought I’d quickly check again to see if the speed was still there… again I got 85kBytes per second!

It used to frustrate me no end that it would take me about a week to download the latest DotNetRocks episode on my modem… This morning I downloaded an episodce in about 15 minutes (probably less but I was doing other things).

Imagine if this technology takes off in a big way in South Africa…. I remember working at ISPs doing web development where one of my biggest pains was that you couldn’t use some of the nifty features in .Net because having loads of return trips to the server just was not an option using our bandwidth.  I can just imagine the awesome things that all this extra speed would enable.

Sure, it could enable sloppy coding and encourage bad habits in developers – but I’m choosing not to focus on that… The web could become far richer (far less “thin client”), and so much more useful. 🙂  I can’t wait till I can go home tonight to play with it again. (After I’ve taken my wife out for a little date (dinner and a movie), otherwise she might start to get the impression that I spend more time with the computer than with her… ;-))

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