Just found out today that my work has changed the proxy that they use – so now apps that don’t use an embedded IE, or other “MS ISA Approved” methods of accessing the net work again!So now I can post directly from w.Bloggar while I’m at work! 🙂[Listening to: Another World – DJ Shog – […]


Firstly, I’ve been meaning to link to Isabella’s blog – called “She’s a flight risk”… cool story, even if its not true…Speaking of “Bliss”… Daniel Bjørnbakk has some funky XP Bliss backgrounds.And onto other blissful matters – Mugg & Bean had an ad that said something to the effect of “without caffeine, a place is […]

Thoughts on work…

I was wondering… are developers, or more accurately “coders”, the replacement for the factory workers of the industrial age? Albeit we’re paid more, have more rights, better working conditions, etc… Even with the better working conditions we have health risks – back problems, carpal tunnel, RSI’s. In the overall scheme of IT companies, a new […]