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The guys in homecell were going to go on a mini-hike (5km) tomorrow, but its turned out that only Sean, Charlie and I can make it.  So we were thinking of other things to do, and Sean suggested we just go have breakfast somewhere.  I still wanted to do something out doors, so I was thinking of where we could have breakfast and still do something outdoors.

One of the places I thought of was at the Lonehill shopping centre (they have some cool places to eat there, and its on the edge of a small “nature reserve” thingy where you can go climb up the “lonehill koppie”)… when my mind suddenly remembered that there is a Geocache near there… So I quickly MSN’ed the other two and we’ve organised to go get breakfast and go find some geocaches.  We’ve got 6 we’ve printed out, a few difficulty 1, 2, and 3’s, and one difficulty 5.  I’m kinda excited to go find the treasures and add our own bits and pieces to them.

I’ve known about GeoCaching for about a year now, and have wanted to do it pretty much since the instant I read about it.  And now, finally, I’m going to actually go do it!  I’m SERIOUSLY excited. πŸ™‚

What a nice way to start the weekend. πŸ˜€

Home Cell

Home cell…

Last night was our first “Leaders in touch” meeting… For those of you who haven’t been at New Covenant Church Bryanston for over a year, the “Leaders in touch” were put in place about a year ago to help connect homecells and people in the church with a broader base of leaders. 

While we have about 7 eldership couples at the church, there are probably about 1500 members in the church.  Which means that there are about 214.28571428571428571428571428571 members per eldership couple.  So there’s no way that everyone will be able to connect with an elder when they have problems… On top of that, the elders don’t devote every second of their entire life to counselling (that just wouldn’t be feasible).  Home cell leaders are probably the next point of contact… but then I’m not really in a position to be “couselling” people on deep issues (there would be no accountability for my actions), and what about those people who aren’t in home cells?

So that’s where the “Leaders in touch” come in… they’re people who are trusted by the elders, and who have the maturity to deal with whatever issues they’re faced with (even if it means referring them to the correct elder).  Anyway, the “Leaders in touch” connect with the home cell leaders to help them if they have hassles, teach them, encourage them, exhort them, etc.

Anyway, last night was our first meeting with them… actually it was dinner.  There were 4 home cell’s leaders there, which was great.  Its awesome to hear other people with similar issues to you, and to hear how some of them have solved problems you’re struggling with, or to be able to help others with suggestions from what you’ve done to solve problems that they’re experiencing.  Simon and Tarryn(sp?) Murphy are our “Leaders in touch”. (Ok, I’m getting tired of putting “Leaders in touch” in quotes all the time, but the only other way I could write it to signify that its a “title” is to say Leaders-in-touch – but even so its not really a title as much as it signifies a relationship)

It was a good evening, and it was great to get to know everyone better… πŸ™‚

Home Cell

Of Freedom (Home cell this week)

This week was an interesting home cell…   I’m trying to focus more on the “relationships” than what we *do* at cell, getting people to interact more, suggest ideas, talk, etc.

Anyway, so while I didn’t really talk huge amounts, that was ok… everyone contributed something.  When I was stuck finding a verse, Charlie read it.  Mitch & Shaleen did a lot of explaining (especially for points where I was trying to say something but just not quite getting it right) Matt, Helen, Linda, Sean, Nike, Gizelle, and Christie all contributed… which was great!  Everyone’s contribution was excellent.

Basically the point of the “talk” was to try and get everyone to think about Christianity outside of church… And it focussed mainly on “What is freedom?”, “How do we define it?”… And was answering questions like “If we’re free, why are we ‘not allowed’ to do certain things?”.  It also touched on “Why we should vote”, and “Do we follow God’s commands, or the ‘law of the land’?”.  Part of the reason behind this was to get everyone thinking about these things so that we could begin to define for ourselves how we understand them.  Because only when we understand these things are we truly able to live the beliefs out and explain/teach them to others.  And if we can’t explain/teach what we believe to others, then we’re not really maturing as fully as we could. (And since the “great commission” is “to go and make disciples of all nations”, we’d better be able to explain our beliefs if we ever hope to achieve this)

As Charlie blogged today, I’ll probably put up the notes I’d prepared some time after my honeymoon.  (I might need some reminding)

Home Cell

This weeks cell

Home Cell (Bible study) this week was very different, by design.  I had 3 topics to talk on, but after Sunday’s service (Check out Charlie’s comments) I felt it would be better to spend some time praying and chatting about life stuff.

Since next week is our first “Open House” week for the cell, I thought it would be good to get everyone up to speed as to what its all about and to try and mobilise everyone to do something and not just sit at home alone.  We got some good suggestions as to what we could do, but it seemed like “house warming” was the most popular (since 4 of us are moving house, its a great reason to get friends to come around for supper)

Gizelle was keen to organise going to visit a hospital, but with the organisation and effort involved in arranging that, I thought we should leave it for a later stage.  That will be VERY stretching for people in the home cell, so I’m kinda keen to let people settle a bit in the new cell before they’re moved right out of their “comfort zones”. (And I think maybe I’m also a unsure of how it would work, and if it would work)

I just realised that I said cell was “different by design”, but I didn’t say too much about how.  Firstly we had no worship (this has got to be a first for most of the people there).  Secondly, we had no “teaching”.  Instead we chatted about what we’d be doing next week for the “Open House”, and a few other things.  We did a “highs and lows” session. (Everyone mentioned their High and Low points of the past week)  It was actually quite interesting to learn how everyone thinks – what affects them and how.

That sparket LOTS of talk about the fast, Starla’s message, various things on peace, humility, and “why we worry about all these little things like ‘jobs’ and other stressors, instead of focussing on God and His plan for us”.  I was impressed with the knowledge that our group has… lots of questions and problems were answered, people were encouraged, and I think we were all a little more vulnerable than we normally are.

We ended with an awesome testimony of a kid (Grant) who was VERY ill (for some reason the name of the disease slips my mind right now… I think it was a form of cancer), who had basically not had the strength to walk/talk/eat for a month (or two?).  Keri asked us to pray for him at our last homecell 2 weeks ago, and we did. 

Last week he got up, was walking around, talking and eating… aparently his mom was blown away to see some of his personality come back.  He aparently still has a way to go coz he needs to recover enough for them to treat some other issues, but he’s improved from just a few percent (like 1 or 2%), to almost 60% of where he needs to be.  So that was awesome!  Its amazing what just a little prayer to our almighty God can do. πŸ™‚

We ended off with some prayer for the “open house” next week, and for the Elders (who were away getting guidance, strategy, etc for the next season) as well as some other prayer requests that people brought.  It was very cool.

Home Cell

Home cell last night

I’ve posted last night’s home cell teaching up here.Β  Check out Charlie’s blog about it.

General Home Cell Humour

New things

Today is the first meeting for my homecell.  I started off the day reminding everyone about the meeting, but with my super-intelligent mind I craftily neglected to mention where it was taking place… which was all merely a ploy so that I could send another sms to the whole group to show them how much I care.  (right… something like that)

Anyway, at least I’m starting on the right foot – if anyone thought that a cell leader was meant to be perfect, my first communication with the cell proved otherwise. πŸ™‚

Oddly enough, I was feeling fine about my first meeting until about 5 minutes ago… which was around about when I stopped and thought – “Gee, that’s amazing, I’m not nervous about tonight.”  Well, so much for that thought.  At least I still have feeling in my hands (they’re usually the first to go when I’m nervous), so that’s a good thing.  Anyway we’re just having a dinner and I’m gonna chat for a short while about where we’re going as a cell.  I keep thinking that I’ve forgotten something…

Another new thing (for us in SA) is that Survivor: Pearl Islands starts tonight… aparently its much more of a “survival of the fittest” type thing this time round (they aparently get given very little, and are given no time to prepare before they are tossed overboard)… hopefully Sean remembered to put the VCR timer on. πŸ™‚

General Home Cell

Overdue update…

Well, this weekend was hectic.  Friday was spent sorting through boxes of things from Christie’s sisters home.  She had good taste, and its really awesome that Christie could have them.

Saturday started with a Relating Leaders time at NCCB, where Rob Rufus spoke (charlie blogged about it)… Then we popped off to the flat I’d seen advertised on friday, its really cool… but a bit out of the way.  Then there was a quick stop off to collect my keyboard before we dashed off to Ian’s cell’s leaders meeting, which ended with a braai.  Christie and I finally left around 8:30pm, we stopped at Christie’s place and chatted a bit before I went home.

Then I was up at 6:45am to get to church by 7:30 for worship practice. After church we met with the DJ for our wedding, and then ran off to get lunch for our Pre-Marriage counselling session.  After that it was a trip to my storage container to drop off the boxes we’d looked through on friday, and back to the church for another worship practice… after church we went to watch Spy Kids 3D… a nice movie, but really tough on the eyes. (I think they really needed better 3D glasses)

Yesterday, I woke up sick (again)… I guessed it was just stress and lack of exercise, but I went to a doctor anyway and she said exactly what I thought… (next time I’ll save the R130 on the doctors fees and go get a massage instead :))