Home cell…

Last night was our first “Leaders in touch” meeting… For those of you who haven’t been at New Covenant Church Bryanston for over a year, the “Leaders in touch” were put in place about a year ago to help connect homecells and people in the church with a broader base of leaders.  While we have […]

This weeks cell

Home Cell (Bible study) this week was very different, by design.  I had 3 topics to talk on, but after Sunday’s service (Check out Charlie’s comments) I felt it would be better to spend some time praying and chatting about life stuff.Since next week is our first “Open House” week for the cell, I thought it would […]

New things

Today is the first meeting for my homecell.  I started off the day reminding everyone about the meeting, but with my super-intelligent mind I craftily neglected to mention where it was taking place… which was all merely a ploy so that I could send another sms to the whole group to show them how much I […]

Overdue update…

Well, this weekend was hectic.  Friday was spent sorting through boxes of things from Christie’s sisters home.  She had good taste, and its really awesome that Christie could have them. Saturday started with a Relating Leaders time at NCCB, where Rob Rufus spoke (charlie blogged about it)… Then we popped off to the flat I’d seen advertised […]