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Of Freedom (Home cell this week)

This week was an interesting home cell…   I’m trying to focus more on the “relationships” than what we *do* at cell, getting people to interact more, suggest ideas, talk, etc.

Anyway, so while I didn’t really talk huge amounts, that was ok… everyone contributed something.  When I was stuck finding a verse, Charlie read it.  Mitch & Shaleen did a lot of explaining (especially for points where I was trying to say something but just not quite getting it right) Matt, Helen, Linda, Sean, Nike, Gizelle, and Christie all contributed… which was great!  Everyone’s contribution was excellent.

Basically the point of the “talk” was to try and get everyone to think about Christianity outside of church… And it focussed mainly on “What is freedom?”, “How do we define it?”… And was answering questions like “If we’re free, why are we ‘not allowed’ to do certain things?”.  It also touched on “Why we should vote”, and “Do we follow God’s commands, or the ‘law of the land’?”.  Part of the reason behind this was to get everyone thinking about these things so that we could begin to define for ourselves how we understand them.  Because only when we understand these things are we truly able to live the beliefs out and explain/teach them to others.  And if we can’t explain/teach what we believe to others, then we’re not really maturing as fully as we could. (And since the “great commission” is “to go and make disciples of all nations”, we’d better be able to explain our beliefs if we ever hope to achieve this)

As Charlie blogged today, I’ll probably put up the notes I’d prepared some time after my honeymoon.  (I might need some reminding)

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