6 days down, 2 to go

Ok… so I’m hopefully excused for not blogging since last week Friday (6 days ago!) because I now have 2 more sleeps till I’m married. πŸ™‚

On Friday evening, Christie and I went to see PayCheck (so did Charlie) and even though we were at the same cinema complex, Christie and I did our own thing… (possibly kinda rude, but we needed some time for the two of us, so I hope you weren’t offended Charlie)

Anyway, PayCheck(IMDB) (with Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman, directed by John Woo, and based on a Philip K. Dick short story) was really good… I liked having to “guess” with the actor as to what was going on and watch how he slowly realised what had happened, and how to use the items he’d sent himself.  If you liked Minority Report, you’ll (probably) like this movie.

Saturday was taken up with home cell leaders training in the morning, some shopping in the afternoon and then me resting at home till about 7pm when Christie and I went to get a video, which we watched at my place.

Sunday was cool, the Choir were excellent – easy to lead, keen to sing, etc.  Sean came by for lunch, and then Sean, Christie and I went to her folks place to start preparing the “favours” for the wedding.  “Fortunately” we found out that we had run out of ribbon, so we didn’t do much.

Monday was the usual work day. (except that I arrived about 1hr earlier than I usually do, which is what I’ve been trying to do for an age) In the evening I had supper with the Seymours, and while Christie was getting a pedicure(sp?) I was cutting ribbon for the > 100 favours we had to make.  After Christie’s pedicure, Elaine started cutting the material and we all sat makng them.  We finished at around 11:30pm, at which point I had to go home and prepare what I was going to be talking on at home cell. (fortunately I’d written it out, but it was over 8 A5 pages worth of notes that needed to be reduced and made more easily digestable)  I eventually got to bed just before 2am.

Tuesday was ok… I started getting the guy that owes me money listed on the ITC, so that they can start chasing him for the cash instead of me.  (I deposited the money into their account, it only reflected on their website today, so some time today I’ll list him with their collections people)  Home cell was good (but I was VERY tired).

I’ve been drinking lots of coffee to keep me awake this week, so I’ll have to start weaning myself off it next week. πŸ™

Yesterday (Wednesday) was interesting.  At work we started talking about changes to the middle tier and to the Object Query Language that I’d written to get data from our database.  Basically, I’ll end up writing a parser which links into our metadata to determine what expressions can be used.  So if at a later stage some 3rd party developer wants to add his own function that can be used in the Query Language, he can.  So the parser effectively is getting a “plugin” framework added to it so that we can deal with any new things we might have in the future, as well as a total change as to how it builds its object tree, the ability to declare and use variables in the queries, and a whole lot more.  Its like we’re “upgrading” the language from a simple data query language to include some of the functionality of a normal programming language (and then some).  This will be quite cool to work on. 

The “plug-in” concept for our language, is pretty much the same as if like Microsoft was to allow any developer to modify the C# compiler to include a new bit of syntax in the language definition, while maintaining usability/readability of the code – and I’ve never seen that done in any other languages. (lets hope I can make it work :))

In the evening, Christie and I took some more of her stuff to our place and unpacked it… which leads us to today.  Tonight (Thursday) is the wedding rehearsal, tomorrow night(Friday) I’m having my bachelor’s party, and Saturday is the wedding.

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