Weekend re-cap – Part 2

SundayChurch  – Trevor and Julian have written an awesome song, “Glory in the Highest”.  – Singing BV was cool, always stretching, but I think its getting better. Candice is awesome and always willing to help, advise and encourage, which makes my mistakes more bearable. 🙂 (its kinda cool singing with a professional singer)  – Ash inducted/appointed about 40 […]

Long day!

Its well past midnight, and I still have stuff to do for Music School tomorrow. I’m thinking I’ll just go to bed soon and skip the composition stuff.A brief synopsis of today:New hosting finally sorted out  – Yesterday it dawned on me that perhaps their new server might have two sites which are setup to […]

First post!

Somehow, I think this should be something momentous, or otherwise “special”… as the first post, I’d hope it was at least kinda neat. So far, I have nothing life changing, or life altering to say.Why did I start the blog?Cos I like the idea of writing up my thoughts to the net – the big […]