Long day!

Its well past midnight, and I still have stuff to do for Music School tomorrow. I’m thinking I’ll just go to bed soon and skip the composition stuff.

A brief synopsis of today:
New hosting finally sorted out
  – Yesterday it dawned on me that perhaps their new server might have two sites which are setup to serve “” and “”. (They had re-created the site a week ago, so perhaps the old site was for some reason left on the server) Which would explain why I kept seeing the old site when I tried to get to
  – Today I got an e-mail saying that their control panel was not in synch with the server, and once they’d updated the server with the latest details, it was all working. (So I’m assuming that I was at least partly correct)
Slowly progressing at work – concurrency checking done
  – I finished the concurrency checks for updating records in the DB, now I just need to throw a meaningfull error from the middle tier if there are problems, and interpret the error on the front end to display the offending records to the user.
  – I also cleared out the code a bit to make it a bit easier to read, and a bit more efficient
  – I need to still add concurrency checks for deleting records from the DB
  – As usual I was slowed down by all sorts of odd errors, and plenty of delays in loading and processing data. (unfortunately its just the startup data processing that takes some time, but since I’m testing code as I write it, I keep having to start up the app, so I keep getting the delay)
Girlfriend & family moved house
  – Christie sms’ed to tell me that they moved today – a week before they were scheduled to move. Which is great, because next week would have been very close to her final exams, so now she won’t have the interruption of moving house in the middle of her studying.
Got a new printer
  – This one’s a bit odd… I needed to buy new cartridges for my old HP600c (I bought it in 1996, so its 8 years old now). Unfortunately to buy a colour and a black cartridge would cost me about R450, whereas a new bottom of the range printer (which is MUCH better than my 8yr old printer, and comes with a black and colour cartridge included) costs just under R520. So for R70 more than buying 2 new cartridges, I could get a whole new printer. (and a much better one at that) So I did. 🙂 I now own a new HP Deskjet 3550.
  – You might be thinking “but why buy the bottom of the range printer”… well, I only really use it to ever print out text, and its usually not for any important reason, so if the quality is not that of a laser printer, its not a problem. My last printer was probably 20% of laser quality… this one (in terms of DPI) is about 50% of laser quality, it prints MUCH faster than my old one, its way more silent, and looks MUUUCH cooler (nice rounded edges as opposed to the ugly box-type look of my old printer).
Went to a home-cell leader’s meeting
Once a month Ian meets with the leaders in the home-cell… It usually happens on a Saturday morning, but for the past 3 months I’ve been at Music School from 9am to 1pm on Saturday mornings. (Tomorrow’s the last day for the Music School) So I’ve missed 2 sessions already, and would have missed the 3rd if Ian hadn’t made the meeting tonight, instead of tomorrow. It was good to be there again… I haven’t been to one since Megan and Rory joined (as leaders), so it was great to hear their input on things. There’s lots of news from the meeting, but I can’t really say anything until its “official”. (Hopefully by the 4th of November I’ll be able to spill the beans… :-))

Tomorrow is Sean’s birthday! (for those who don’t know, I live with Sean and Francois) I printed him a card on my new printer, I hope he likes it. (the card, not the printer) … (the printer really is SOOOO much better than my old one, the card looks WAAAY better than they used to)

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