Face manipulation

Have you ever watched those FBI/CIA/OCA (Other Covert Agency) programs on TV where they have this funky software that they use to either build up a the face of a suspect, or can see what a suspect would look like after some facial reconstruction/hair colour/style changes?Well, now you can do that yourself using http://www.morphases.com!! They have a fairly small set of […]

Home cell…

Last night was our first “Leaders in touch” meeting… For those of you who haven’t been at New Covenant Church Bryanston for over a year, the “Leaders in touch” were put in place about a year ago to help connect homecells and people in the church with a broader base of leaders.  While we have […]

An update (finally)

Well, so much is happening, and I’ve not done an update…  I have a partially completed “Wedding Update”, but too much happened and I don’t want to leave stuff out or mess up details… the next thing I know I’ll find myself sleeping on the couch again.  (Um, actually its not “again”, coz I’ve not […]


WOW, there’s a lot to talk about… but I’ll get to that in time.  A brief synopsis of the last week and a bit follows:The wedding was great, we really enjoyed it.  The honeymoon was awesome, its a great place to stay – really relaxing.  Came back a day before we expected, but we got […]

Trial run

Last night was the wedding rehearsal, and dinner.  The bed I’d ordered was meant to arrive some time today (after 3pm), but I got a call at about 3pm yesterday to find out if they could deliver it yesterday.   Eventually they dropped it off at 5pm – I had to leave work early to meet them.  […]