Lack of Payment

Last week I’d had enough of not being paid by Sean (for those who know my friends, I’m not talking about Sean Baumann, but rather another Sean from a company that begins with S) If you want some background, here it is: Sean who I’d done work for last year, still has not paid an invoice I […]

This week…

Hrm… looks like I got a bit busy this week.MondayHad supper with Christie at home, sorted out some odds and ends in the house, and after dropping her at her home I setup my PC, Hifi, etc (connected the tv, and playstation to the hi-fi)TuesdayLike most days it was busy. I’d organised dinner with an old […]


Its odd how these things happen, just this morning Charlie was asking me how to migrate a PHP website to ASP.Net, and this afternoon I see a link to MSDN’s ASP.Net Migrating article which has links to the “PHP to ASP.Net Migration Guide“

Google, E-Bay and bad spellings

A while ago I read an article on /. about finding bargains on e-bay. Basically, people upload auctions which have badly spelled descriptions, like “labtop” instead of “laptop”.  They get very few people looking at them because the item names/descriptions are spelled incorrectly.Looking at the stats for my site (, I noticed some interesting mis-spellings that […]