This week…

Hrm… looks like I got a bit busy this week.

Had supper with Christie at home, sorted out some odds and ends in the house, and after dropping her at her home I setup my PC, Hifi, etc (connected the tv, and playstation to the hi-fi)

Like most days it was busy. I’d organised dinner with an old school friend, Matthew, who I’ve known since Std 1 (Grade 3 for those who are either not from South Africa, or were at school after the grade system was introduced in South Africa) Anyway, I just managed to fetch Christie, get food and get home about 5 minutes before Matthew arrived.

We used a “Grilldue” (like a fondue but you grill stuff) thing that my mom and hendrik gave us.  Its aparently VERY popular there, but I’ve never seen one before.  Its name is not a “Grilldue”, but I can’t think of its actual name.  Anyway, it was quite cool… We learned that thin pieces of meat are much nicer to grill on it… perhaps I’ll cut up some minute steaks next time instead of big chunky pieces which take forever to grill.

It was good to chat to Matthew, and I’m glad that we now have every 2nd Tuesday free for this purpose.  As soon as you start to become “vaguely” involved in the church, your week gets filled REALLY quickly. (especially if you’re musically oriented).  My week usually looks like this:

  • Monday – Home cell music practice
  • Tuesday – Home cell
  • Wednesday – Prayer (and bible college)
  • Thursday – Church worship practice 2-3 times a month
  • Friday – Free, but usually spent connecting socially with people from home cell
  • Saturday – Morning more often than not taken up with something church oriented, and evening either with other home cell people or spending time with Christie
  • Sunday – Worship practice, Church, Lunch, Household admin, Worship practice, Church, Supper

Anyway, this makes it difficult to see people who aren’t involved in the church.  So I’m really glad that the elders have chosen to set aside a day where we have NO activities on so that we can socialise with people we know outside of the church.

Yet another busy day, after tuesday evening’s supper I sorted out tuning in my VCR, did some washing(?) or some unpacking, but got to bed late.  So it was a very tiring day at work… but productive.  I missed 1/2 the prayer meeting coz I was busy at work.  Christie and I skipped bible school so we could both get early nights.  We also sorted out the order of service for the ceremony with Malcolm Black (who will be doing the marriage ceremony for us)  We then went out to supper coz the coffee shop at church had closed.

After I’d gotten home I got a call from Simon Murphy to say that he and Tarryn would be Christie and my “leaders in touch” for our home cell.  (Basically they’re the people we go to if we have any problems, questions or difficult situations in the home cell that we’re not sure how to handle, and they’re also there to check up that we’re not teaching odd doctrines, leading irresponsibly, etc)  I think its gonna be awesome getting to know them and getting input from such a dynamic couple.

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wicked idea this website. makes it purdy easy to leave msgs for you (except everyone can now read them – but since i have only good things to say about you i guess that is ok then! bonus not having to be on my isp or work address. also nice to know what you are up to even though i am lots of time zones away!

it is so kinda scary that good friends of mine are getting married (thanks goodness there are no kids on the way, well except for beth). wow. it is one of those things that eventually happens hey. shew. i probably won’t be able to get hold of you before the big day, but if i don’t i hope you have a really awesome day and that it is the beginning of a really blessed relationship for you and the (irrepressibly beautiful) christie.

anywyas, its bedtime on this side so later dude!



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