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And we break our regular transmissions to bring you this news:

I got an invite to GMail a week ago, and I now have 4 invitations to give away.  Anyone interested?  Leave me a comment on the blog.

So far I must say that I’m VERY impressed with it… its not like any other web mail that I’ve seen.  Its very fast, highly user friendly, and quite a nice way to handle e-mails.

[Update: All the invites are now gone… I’ll post more as I get more (if i get more?)]

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Well, I’ve been busy over the past few days playing with DotNetNuke.  I downloaded v2.0.4 on Friday, installed it on my work pc, spent about 30 minutes copying and pasting stuff from my company’s website into DNN and wowed my boss with what it could do.  On Monday they released v2.1.1, so I got that down and installed it on my website.

Now I just need to learn how to make a custom component(desktop module), and how to skin it.  I HATE “making pretty”.  Ok, maybe HATE is a strong word… My graphical abilities are definately not my strongest skill, and for me to spend 5 hours making something that a more skilled person could do better in 5 minutes seems pointless.  I know there are some sites out there with “premade” skins, and skins for sale… I went to one last night (DNNSkins) but that’s not only running DNN v1.0.10, but it also seemed to have no skins in its store. (its like its database is blank)… I tried looking at SnowCovered, but its UI kinda sucks, so I haven’t really found much.  DIYWebsite (which seems to be an alternative front for Salaro) has a much nicer UI – you actually get to see samples of the site quite quickly so instead of choosing between 5 descriptions, you can choose between 5 looks.  I’d love to use TemplateMonster (cool UI and plenty of skins), but they don’t do DNN templates. πŸ™

Anyway, I’m gonna keep on looking for sites with cool skins – if anyone knows of any, let me know.


Interesting Journalism

In a post by Isabella v., she mentions that CNN has captioned a picture of a bunch of kids running in a road smiling (with flames and smoke behind them) “Iraqi children run from a fiery explosion”.  While its accurate, in that they’re running, the casual observer would read into it that they’re “running for their lives”, “scared”, and “fearful”.  None of which is actually depicted in the picture.

I’d love to know why they’re all smiling, or why CNN would use it in that context without explaining the “apparent” contradiction.

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Syntax Highlighting…

Just a quicky – check out squishySyntaxHighlighter – a syntax highlighter for .Net code, written in .Net.  It produces HTML formatted code that’s nicely colorized. (found via Matt Hawley’s blog)

Very cool – next time I post an article to SADeveloper.Net I’ll use this for my code formatting. (assuming they haven’t implemented it since my last submission)


Happy Crime Day…

Well, no, I’m not going mad….  and yes, I do mean it. (and no, I haven’t had that confirmed by an unbiassed observer, neither do I have any form of certificate to either prove my sanity, or my ability to make such statements about my sanity…. but lets get off this side track an onto the main point of the post which (i hope) will make the title more understandable)

The short version: Sunday was my birthday.  But on Friday night, I had my cellphone stolen from my car while I was in it. (It was a “smash and grab”)

The long version: Well, where do I start… You know that a while ago I hinted that I’d really like somoene to buy me a GPS for my birthday?  Well, since nobody seemed to be taking me up on the subtle hint, Charlie, Sean and I decided to buy one for ourselves.  So we got a Geko 201, which I purchased for us on Friday.

On the way home (around sunset), I drive along the N14 from Centurion and take the R511 past Diepsloot.  So I took the R511 offramp and, at the intersection, I stopped.  I’d just SMS’ed Sean (who was coming to have supper with us that evening) and I put my cellphone back in the cradle of the car kit.

Anyway, to cut it short… I saw a gap in the cars a little bit away, so I started to do my checks around the car to see that I could pull off without killing pedestrians, or damaging other cars. As I looked over my left shoulder, I saw a guy duck down… I realised what he was doing, checked in front to see if I could pull forwards yet (I couldn’t), looked back and he was about to smash my front passenger window.  The window was smashed.  He grabbed the phone.  I tried to grab it too – which knocked it out of his hand and onto the floor.  At which point I realised that our brand new (still unopened) GPS was on the seat next to me, as was my bag with ID book, and various other important items. So I pulled them into the back of the car while he groped on the floor to find the phone.  I had about 3-5 seconds where I could have done something, like hitting the stupid twit, or trying to wrestle the phone away from him, but I thought it would be better to just let him have it, and be gone.  (I didn’t know if he had a “friend” nearby, a gun, a knife, or some other weapon)

I drove home as fast as I could (while being safe and obeying as many traffic signs as necessary) so that I could cancel the phone.  I didn’t want him calling too many people (especially since my sim card is unlocked for international calls)… (Fortunately it looks like he didn’t make any calls.)

So that was my frustrating Friday experience… I’ll write about the good stuff later. πŸ™‚