And we break our regular transmissions to bring you this news: I got an invite to GMail a week ago, and I now have 4 invitations to give away.  Anyone interested?  Leave me a comment on the blog. So far I must say that I’m VERY impressed with it… its not like any other web mail […]


Well, I’ve been busy over the past few days playing with DotNetNuke.  I downloaded v2.0.4 on Friday, installed it on my work pc, spent about 30 minutes copying and pasting stuff from my company’s website into DNN and wowed my boss with what it could do.  On Monday they released v2.1.1, so I got that down […]

Interesting Journalism

In a post by Isabella v., she mentions that CNN has captioned a picture of a bunch of kids running in a road smiling (with flames and smoke behind them) “Iraqi children run from a fiery explosion”.  While its accurate, in that they’re running, the casual observer would read into it that they’re “running for their lives”, “scared”, and […]