Business logic?

I just got MSN’ed by a friend who said the following after reading “The Gread Petition Dilemma” (For more background on that entry, check out this link from that post – “Why e-mail petitions don’t work“): i am confused with your logic […] for posting such a blog entry. let me explain… …i read this and […]

Customer DisService

Hrm, I think I’ve ranted about this before, but I CANNOT believe that an organisation can consistantly give such shocking support!  I wanna scream! (but I’ll restrain myself for fear of freaking out my co-workers) Ok, here’s the deal… starting from the begining… Last year I was looking for a way to SMS people easily […]


OK, so I’m still reading the cluetrain manifesto… And in chapter 4 (“Markets are conversations”) they’re talking about how companies use TechnoLatin in their communication like their quote from a website who say “the company has focused on its ability to integrate advanced technologies that use innovative system architecture and software into high performance system solutions […]

Getting a clue…

I’ve been reading Robert Scoble and Eric Sink and been very much interested by their views on “Marketing” and other business functions.   Recently I was looking on 20Twenty‘s website and I saw a reference to the cluetrain manifesto, something that I remember Scoble mentioning… Something that I started reading at the start of 2000 when […]