Getting a clue…

I’ve been reading Robert Scoble and Eric Sink and been very much interested by their views on “Marketing” and other business functions.   Recently I was looking on 20Twenty‘s website and I saw a reference to the cluetrain manifesto, something that I remember Scoble mentioning… Something that I started reading at the start of 2000 when I left university and started working at Internet Solutions.

Anyway, so I re-started to read it this weekend… I can see why I didn’t finish reading it when I first started.  I was new to web development (well, officially – I’d done some corporate web development work while I was studying), new to business and new to the company so I didn’t want to “rock the boat”, and I didn’t think I could achieve much anyway.  Also, it looked like a fairly “anarchistic” (?is that a word?) document and I didn’t want to be seen to be some dissident new employee.

Now that I’m reading it again with some more experience behind me, I am starting to see its value… Especially if I put it in context – I was fortunate to start using the internet when I was in about Std 6/Grade 8 (1991).  So when they refer to those times, I can identify with it to some extent.  Also considering that it was written in 1999, they were remarkably accurate in their comments – if you look at how quickly RSS has spread and how easily blogging enables people to express their “voice”.

Sometimes I want to kick myself for not wanting to “rock the boat” – to often that stops me from reading/doing things that actually through their rocking would benefit the boat as opposed to sinking it.

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