Notepad2 Updated

I found out about this cool tool a few years ago and have used it since then.  Its free, it works, and it does syntax highlighting for all of the common file types that a developer might want to ever edit. I just read today that its been upgraded to v2.0.15.  NotePad2 is great! The […]

Ubuntu Links

Before I start on the links… People complain about windows XP having to download lots of updates after it is first installed.  Well I’ve found out, at work, that Mac’s have a lot of upgrades too and so does Ubuntu.  Tonight I got prompted to download about 238mb of updates! So far I’ve found that […]

Post from Ubuntu

Ok, so I found out that my old monitor had somehow fried the nicer of the two graphics cards I have for my Ubuntu PC.  I installed a new card and found that my X11/Gnome/xserver didn’t like the new graphics card as it was setup by default.  After doing some googling with my laptop I […]