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Before I start on the links… People complain about windows XP having to download lots of updates after it is first installed.  Well I’ve found out, at work, that Mac’s have a lot of upgrades too and so does Ubuntu.  Tonight I got prompted to download about 238mb of updates!

So far I’ve found that SyncCE along with MultiSync should work ok with my HTC TyTN. And it seems that “gnomad” should allow me to connect to my Creative Zen MP3 player. Both require some effort on my part though – like building from source code – so I’m going to leave them till a little later.  Ubuntu’s “Desktop Guide” actually seems quite good.  It has pointed me to a few nice resources, although it appears that my Cannon 4400F scanner and my HP 1600 Color LaserJet won’t work through Linux.  So the two things I thought would be impossible (synchronisation with my TyTN and my Zen) are quite do-able and the two things I thought would be easy (connecting to my scanner and printer) are going to be imposible.

Oh, well. It just goes to show that you can’t predict much in life.  Like how my cat has just gone missing (she’s not quite used to our new home yet so she gets lost in the complex).  So I’m going to go off and look for my cat while Ubuntu downloads its 238mb of updates. 😉

[Update: Ok, so it looks like my printer might work after all.  I found two links with info – one specifically at LinuxPrinting that seems to be promising.]

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