Notepad2 Updated

I found out about this cool tool a few years ago and have used it since then.  Its free, it works, and it does syntax highlighting for all of the common file types that a developer might want to ever edit.

I just read today that its been upgraded to v2.0.15.  NotePad2 is great!

The only hassle I’ve ever had is with replacing Windows’ notepad with NotePad2.  XP SP2 likes to keep its version of notepad in place, and replaces anything that isn’t MS’s version.  One workaround I’ve seen is to rename Notepad2.exe to Notepad.exe, then to have a batch file copy it into the following folders, one after the other with no prompts and no pausing:
I’ve had mixed results from doing this, so YMMV, but here’s the contents of my batch file (which worked on my PC):
    copy /Y notepad.exe c:WindowsSystem32dllcachenotepad.exe
    copy /Y notepad.exe c:WindowsSystem32notepad.exe
    copy /Y notepad.exe c:Windowsnotepad.exe

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