Useful apps

Hrm… I don’t think I’ve found any really useful SMS applications for windows. (or any other OS for that matter)  Usually the 1/2 good ones charge an arm and a few legs to run. What my ideal sms app would do: Import and Export contacts and contact groups (at very least to CSV) Provide an API (preferably SOAP […]

Highs and Lows

After having a particularly random sequence of thoughts… (although, how could you have a random sequence… doesn’t the word “sequence” imply something of an order to the items? so I guess it would be a random attack of thoughts… (although “attack” describes something about the intent of the thoughts, which is not accurate in this […]

Blogging blues

I must admit, I chose the title coz I liked the alliteration… A more accurate title would have been “Blogging Introspection” or something like that… But without further ado, here’s the blog entrySome day I hope to blog like Rory or Wil… Well, not EXACTLY like them… but with a similar style… one that’s less […]