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Hrm… I don’t think I’ve found any really useful SMS applications for windows. (or any other OS for that matter)  Usually the 1/2 good ones charge an arm and a few legs to run.

What my ideal sms app would do:

  • Import and Export contacts and contact groups (at very least to CSV)
  • Provide an API (preferably SOAP based – and give us a WSDL for crying out loud) <rant>One of the better looking providers in South Africa has this nifty “XML over HTTP” API.  BUT they provide a bloody DTD, no WSDL file – VS.Net doesn’t do DTD’s.  As far as I know WSDL’s are the standard for SOAP services, and SOAP is THE standard for “XML over HTTP”.  What the heck were the developers at that company smoking when they released that product? (or maybe the managers were being all “pointy haired” (that’s a Dilbert reference, for those who don’t get it))
  • Let me recieve replies to the messages I send (both in the app, and via the api)
  • Have a decent UI (I don’t want to spend 5 minutes trying to get the thing to add people to a group, I just want to “drag and drop” them or something similar)
  • Give me feedback as to the delivery status of the message (both in the app, and via the api)

That’s probably the basics – I’d really like to get hold of the source to the UI too, so that I could change it as required… but then I guess they’d want to sell the UI to me.  Its kinda odd that – its free, so what harm would it be to hand out the source.  But the corporate mentality is to charge for it because its an extra service… How about helping out the developers you give the API to, by giving them a sample app (with source) so that they don’t have to re-invent the wheel every time… To me, that would be a major selling point for using one providers SMS API over another.

Oh well, I guess I’ll have to build my own and post the source – then anyone can modify it to work with any SMS provider they like.  Code re-use… I’d build it for myself, and not be able to sell it, I can save someone else time by giving them a base to work on.  I guess I might have a problem if someone made millions off my base of code… but then I guess that’s what the GPL and such are out to protect you from.

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