Ads that irritate me

1. The PVR ad – “Ultimate Power”, “Unlimited”… Hrm, remove the plug and its a fancy rock, and even with the power plugged in its limited as heck… Can you watch 5 channels at once?  Can you record 500 hrs of tv? Can you record more than one channel at a time?  No, No, No.  Doesn’t sound unlimited or ultimate to me.

2. CSI Miami – “When you come to the beach, remember your sunscreen, and remember your  … blah blah blah … but what ever you do, don’t commit murder”.  Hrm, yeah, that’s what I always do… Go to the beach, put on sun screen and commit murder.  Don’t you? Yeah, they go together.  Like custard and bricks, or helium and flower.  Fully, now try making some sense next time.