Language “syntax” pronunciation

Some time last week, I heard two programmers talking about data types in SQL, specifically VARCHAR.  Now while that might not be an odd occurrance their pronunciation of that word “varchar” intrigued me. I prounce it “v-are-ch-are”, while they pronounced it “v-are-k-are”. How do you standardise on such vital components of life as this? How do […]


I finally got Telkom to put a phone line in at home.  Now that I’m finally able to connect to the internet on my home PC again, I thought I’d find a copy of XP SP2 to install on my pc.  But so far the “techies” at work have told me its a BAAAAAAAAD idea.  […]

WWDN, an Emergency signal, and IE crashes less?

Three cool items I’ve read recently… Will (from WWdN – for the uninformed :P) posted some links to a reading he did at Gnomedex 4.0 in his post entitled “Just A Geek audio and video from gnomedex” – its a really great listen, and quite humorous. I loved the brief mention of “Poser geeks” at the […]