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10 Years of freedom…

Ok, so I had to make at least one post with that title this year… No matter how much that slogan is beginning to irritate the heck out of me, I just had to do it.  (Anyone know if there is a “Slogans Anonymous” or something like that I should check out?)

I saw a link via slashdot about Press freedom, which linked to the Third Annual Worldwide Press Freedom Index.   And South Africa is listed 26/167… So we’re in the top 16%.

Ok, so I just now thought I should probably check to see where we were last year (2003)… We were 21/166 (Top 13%). And in 2002 we were 26/139 (Top 19%).

So the over all trend is that we’re moving up in regards to press freedom, not that I guess you could draw too much of a conclusion from only three year’s data, especially since comparing by % kinda gets affected by how many countries were ranked. Anyway… At least we’re kinda free. 🙂

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