I’m 1 year old!

Well, not me exactly…. but my marriage.  Yesterday was our 1st anniversary.  🙂  We went away for the weekend to Marakele National Park and stayed in the Tlopi Tented Camp (Check it out in their Accomodation section)  The camp was amazing – relaxed and picturesque. The park was cool, but don’t believe their posts on the forums […]

Feeling bad…

I feel a little bad about my rant yesterday regarding customer service.  It had less to do with iBurst and more to do with the general state of customer service.  Its guys like Shaun (from iBurst) and Grant (from FusionReactor) that give me hope for the future of customer service in their companies. I’d love it if […]

Quote of the Day

“There is a possibility of peace, but unfortunately there is also a possibility of war”– Perez de Queliar, Secretary General of the UN A friend of mine (John) MSN’d me the quote, which he got from an e-mail.  I’m not sure in what context that was said so I could be way off, but wouldn’t it […]