Viral marketing at work…

I just knew I was going to go back on my word when I said that I’d made my last iBurst related blog entry.  But this is kinda cool…  I’m part of some viral marketing.

Last year around November I started hearing about iBurst.  Then a friend of mine subscribed and I heard even more.  In February I started talking about it and soon afterwards my boss started asking questions about getting a faster network connection at work.  (Our team does R&D, so getting new demos/webcasts/products/etc from the internet is part of what we do)

Then at the end of February I subscribed (via FusionReactor) and I blogged about it.  Kevin read about it got it and blogged. My boss got excited about it and got me to demo it to some of our networking guys.  (One of them has already contacted FusionReactor to get them to check out the signal at his home.)  Then another guy at work heard about it from the networking guys and has started looking into it (he might need it in a month or two so that he can communicate with his family in SA while he’s overseas).  And I’m now starting to hear rumors that our company is going to start using iBurst for our connectivity soon.

Isn’t that cool, I’m part of a viral marketing type thing… (aka a new techie meme in South Africa)

[Update: Aparently Craig told Kevin about my blog entry.  So I heard about it from ITWeb, a friend (Sean) got it, I got it then blogged about it, Craig read it and passed it to Kevin who got it and blogged, and now Craig is going to get it too… 🙂  AND last weekend I popped into a computer store near my home (why I popped in is another story) and while I was there I saw that they also have like a mini internet cafe going so I was going to suggest to them that they try iBurst. Today I walked past the store while returning a DVD and I saw an iBurst UTD modem on top of their “main“ PC. So iBurst is cropping up EVERYWHERE. :-)]

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…and I mentioned your blog entry to Kevin before he’d read it. Then he went along and got it, and I was left in the dust. I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to order it today.

Am I right in saying they haven’t launched officially yet? It would be interesting to see the QOS when they do. Believe me when I say I don’t need any motivation to can my ADSL line, I just need to see how they perform under load…

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