I’m 1 year old!

Well, not me exactly…. but my marriage.  Yesterday was our 1st anniversary.  πŸ™‚  We went away for the weekend to Marakele National Park and stayed in the Tlopi Tented Camp (Check it out in their Accomodation section)  The camp was amazing – relaxed and picturesque.

The park was cool, but don’t believe their posts on the forums – you really DO need a 4×4 to see many of the cooler parts of the park.  Well, I’m assuming they’re cooler because my little Tazz just isn’t ready to act like a 4×4 yet, so we didn’t get to see any of the 4×4 trails.  They have about 20km of road in the one section that you can drive on, and in most of that you’re either flanked by dense bush or tall grass (way taller then my car) so we saw rhino and ostrich(at the one camp site), warthog, and some impala in the “main” section.  They also have a drive up one of their mountains to the sentech towers on top.  Its about 1km above the rest of the park so you get some spectacular views.  On that drive we saw stacks of animals (just too far off for us to enjoy it without binoculars), but we had some really close views of Klip springers(sp?). There were 2 of them (1 male, 1 female) that were about 1m from the passenger window of the car, unfortunately they bolted as my wife pointed her camera at them.  The views made the drive more than worth the time, it was great.

On Sunday we decided we’d seen enough grass and went to the Pilanesberg (For a private game reserve they certainly don’t have an easy to find website, anyone know of their official site). πŸ˜‰  We saw rhino, water buck, steenbok, a HUGE (>150) troop of baboons, a herd of about 15-25 elephant, blou wildebees(i think), hippo, springbok, impala, a bunch of birds, and some other animals that my memory is not choosing to remember right now.  We had lunch at the Pilanesberg center (where we managed to find a pair of binoculars).  After that we stopped at Sun City to catch a movie (Shark Tale)

On the whole it was a great weekend… and a wonderful way to celebrate one year of marriage to the most amazing lady.

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congrats on the 1 yr ani. ALREADY? Wow…

uploading this post from my bedroom (wireless internet) at 54.0 Mbs… or is that the network speed? my h/mate says it is a 1mg broadband line whatever that means. life is good indeed!

email me dude.



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