Feeling bad…

I feel a little bad about my rant yesterday regarding customer service.  It had less to do with iBurst and more to do with the general state of customer service.  Its guys like Shaun (from iBurst) and Grant (from FusionReactor) that give me hope for the future of customer service in their companies.

I’d love it if the world was perfect and all people in customer service roles actually cared about their customers and their products with a passion.   But I don’t know how to achieve that.

One last customer service pet peeve – IVR systems that ask you for your account details but don’t do anything with them.  e.g. “In order to help us process your call efficiently please enter your 20 million digit customer number followed by hash”, after the 5th attempt you finally get all 20 million digits correctly entered (because it won’t let you progress unless you enter a correct number), and you finally get to talk to a human being and the first thing they ask you “Please can you give me your 20 million digit customer number?”   AAAAAAAAAAARGH! Banks are notorious for this mistake… (Not 20Twenty though, they have Caller ID, greet you with your name when they answer, and have your account info on screen immediately – you just have to verify that you are who you are… now that’s cool! :-D)

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