The Lost Ring

Not sure if anyone has seen or heard about this new ARG.  Its designed by the creator of “I Love Bees” and a number of others that I’ve not really looked at.  I just read about it in Boing Boing, who link to a CNet Interview at SXSW and eventually to the main site itself The Lost Ring.  Basically the ARG is built in association with the International Olympic Committee and McDonalds and is meant to be truly global and some kind of a run up to the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

The premise of the story is as follows (as CNet puts it):

“The game is built around the fictional concept that more than 2,000 years ago an Olympic sport was lost to history and that now, five Olympic-caliber athletes have turned up in corn fields around the world, amnesiac but sure they’ve been tasked with some great mission.

Players of The Lost Ring, then, are similarly tasked with helping these five people figure out their identities, and in the process, rediscovering this lost Olympic sport. ” [Taken from CNet]

Now for those of us in South Africa, the cool thing is that the main character (well, the woman from the introductory film clip) was found just outside of Johannesburg!  So its an international ARG that might actually require some involvement from someone over here in deepest darkest africa.

General Humour

Stand up for Sundays – SA Comedy

My company have a value where they take us employees out to social events once every month or so.  Last night we went to watch Stand up for Sundays by The Comedy Shop.  (I actually found them via “The South African Comedy Blog“.)

I’m not one who usually goes to comedy shows, but I’ve wanted to for a long time. So I was quite excited to go and see the show.  About 15 of us went, all from different cultures/backgrounds/races/etc and we all had an absolute blast!

The guys doing the show are Mel Miller, Al Prodgers, Kedibone Mulaudzi, Etienne Shardlow, and Alistair Plint.  (For those from SA Developer, Alistair is Ruari’s cousin)

The show was amazing.  I haven’t laughed that hard for ages.  Some of the members of our group looked like they were about to soil themselves they were laughing so much.  The show started with Alistair as the MC, giving us an intro to the evening, and cracking a few good jokes, then came Kedibone.  I’ve never heard of him before but he was FUNNY!  Had all us whitey’s in stitches laughing at ourselves as he showed some great “real life” situations for the silliness that they are.  Then came Al Prodgers, again super funny even if my inner prude was a little embarrassed at times.  (We bought a DVD of Kedibone and Al after the show, that’s how good they were)

Then on to the second half of the show after some drinks outside.  First up was Etienne Shardlow – “The School Boy”.  He didn’t seem to get as many laughs as the rest of the guys, but that might just have been our crowd.  Basically he (a fully grown man) came on dressed as a school boy and with all the nervous mannerisms that go with it.  I really enjoyed the “view of a child” that he showed.  And finally we got to see Mel Miller.  He had us “rolling in the aisles” (please excuse the clichés).  His audience interaction was awesome, taking cues from what audience members said and combining that with his train of thought to make something unique to our audience.  He’s probably got the most expressive face of whole group.

I wish I could give you a link directly to the Computicket page where you can buy their tickets, but I’ve yet to find a way to do that.  So the best I can suggest is to go there and search for “Stand Up”.  (Don’t search for “comedy” because that won’t get you to their show… not sure why, but hey, technology sometimes just doesn’t work)

If I had the money I’d tell you that I’d pay you for your ticket if you didn’t enjoy the show, but I don’t so you’ll just have to spend your own R80 or R90 (depending on where you get the ticket) to go see them.  I’ve subscribed to the Comedy Shop’s blog so that I can find out when next they’re doing another show so I can go see it.