The Lost Ring

Not sure if anyone has seen or heard about this new ARG.  Its designed by the creator of “I Love Bees” and a number of others that I’ve not really looked at.  I just read about it in Boing Boing, who link to a CNet Interview at SXSW and eventually to the main site itself The Lost Ring.  Basically the ARG is built in association with the International Olympic Committee and McDonalds and is meant to be truly global and some kind of a run up to the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

The premise of the story is as follows (as CNet puts it):

“The game is built around the fictional concept that more than 2,000 years ago an Olympic sport was lost to history and that now, five Olympic-caliber athletes have turned up in corn fields around the world, amnesiac but sure they’ve been tasked with some great mission.

Players of The Lost Ring, then, are similarly tasked with helping these five people figure out their identities, and in the process, rediscovering this lost Olympic sport. ” [Taken from CNet]

Now for those of us in South Africa, the cool thing is that the main character (well, the woman from the introductory film clip) was found just outside of Johannesburg!  So its an international ARG that might actually require some involvement from someone over here in deepest darkest africa.

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