Development General

Entering the new world

Yesterday I started working on moving our development to .Net 2.0.  We spent a year doing .Net 1.1 only development specifically to keep us open to the option of using Mono to create a frontend for our Mac users.  Now we have decided (and convinced everyone) that our web solution will cover the needs of the Mac users so we can move to .Net 2.0, VS.Net 2005, and even a little bit of WPF/E research.

We’re planning on getting our full product done by around June this year, when Mono is planning on having a .Net 2.0 version of their framework out, so even if we do have to build a Mac application we could use Mono 2.0 (assuming its stable).

Anyway, I’m happy. Because after a year of watching other people play with the cool toys while I’m stuck with the 3 year old model I finally get to join the ranks of the cool-toy-people.  😀 (Even more so since I got my HTC TyTN in December)