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Stand up for Sundays – SA Comedy

My company have a value where they take us employees out to social events once every month or so.  Last night we went to watch Stand up for Sundays by The Comedy Shop.  (I actually found them via “The South African Comedy Blog“.)

I’m not one who usually goes to comedy shows, but I’ve wanted to for a long time. So I was quite excited to go and see the show.  About 15 of us went, all from different cultures/backgrounds/races/etc and we all had an absolute blast!

The guys doing the show are Mel Miller, Al Prodgers, Kedibone Mulaudzi, Etienne Shardlow, and Alistair Plint.  (For those from SA Developer, Alistair is Ruari’s cousin)

The show was amazing.  I haven’t laughed that hard for ages.  Some of the members of our group looked like they were about to soil themselves they were laughing so much.  The show started with Alistair as the MC, giving us an intro to the evening, and cracking a few good jokes, then came Kedibone.  I’ve never heard of him before but he was FUNNY!  Had all us whitey’s in stitches laughing at ourselves as he showed some great “real life” situations for the silliness that they are.  Then came Al Prodgers, again super funny even if my inner prude was a little embarrassed at times.  (We bought a DVD of Kedibone and Al after the show, that’s how good they were)

Then on to the second half of the show after some drinks outside.  First up was Etienne Shardlow – “The School Boy”.  He didn’t seem to get as many laughs as the rest of the guys, but that might just have been our crowd.  Basically he (a fully grown man) came on dressed as a school boy and with all the nervous mannerisms that go with it.  I really enjoyed the “view of a child” that he showed.  And finally we got to see Mel Miller.  He had us “rolling in the aisles” (please excuse the clichés).  His audience interaction was awesome, taking cues from what audience members said and combining that with his train of thought to make something unique to our audience.  He’s probably got the most expressive face of whole group.

I wish I could give you a link directly to the Computicket page where you can buy their tickets, but I’ve yet to find a way to do that.  So the best I can suggest is to go there and search for “Stand Up”.  (Don’t search for “comedy” because that won’t get you to their show… not sure why, but hey, technology sometimes just doesn’t work)

If I had the money I’d tell you that I’d pay you for your ticket if you didn’t enjoy the show, but I don’t so you’ll just have to spend your own R80 or R90 (depending on where you get the ticket) to go see them.  I’ve subscribed to the Comedy Shop’s blog so that I can find out when next they’re doing another show so I can go see it.

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Google Wierdo’s

So this mornign I listened to a Monday’s episode from a few weeks ago where Rory Blythe did a “Google Wierdo’s” segment… its basically a look at what weird, wonderful and disturbing search phrases people entered in their search engine that lead them to his site.

I took a look at my logs for this month and I have some oddballs here – it seems that this month there were a lot of depressed people coming to my site (well, it could be one of the other blogs on the site) anyway here they are:

“days till i die”
“die for my sister poem”
“small blisters on the arm”
Ok, I can manage to ignore the first two but for this one… Go see a doctor dude! 

“sainsbury posters”
“leadership style in sainsbury”

First thought “WOW, someone wants posters of *my* family?”  Second thought “I’m getting the idea that they’re not talking about my family, maybe its that UK food store.”

Too much info
“manhood poem”
“python sick and tired”
“pee buzzer distraction”
Hrm… I’m not sure if my site is the best resource for low self esteem, erectile dysfunction, or urinary problems… but I sure hope those guys get the problems solved.

From the Geeks
“what makes a good star trek story”
We all want to know the answer to how to make stories with star trek like intrigue – personally I like the “infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters“ theory.
“coffee drinking stats”
Wow – was there a coffee census I missed out on?  Damn, I knew I shouldn’t have switched to decaf!
“just being a geek”
How silly is that – if you have to google to find out how to be a geek, you’re already waaaaay past any hope of being one…
“group by having sql code gender”
This one’s a bit silly because I’ve never heard of any SQL code having genders… although that could explain why our server gets so moody at times.  I’ll have to go check to see if its cyclical.
“beep dong or ding visual basic”
I’m sure there are plenty of C# coders out there who would share the same sentiments!  @#$*&% visual basic!

Who woulda guessed
“email petitions blog maths“
Wow… someone actually looked for that stuff… I wrote a rant about how useless e-mail petitions really were and gave some stats behind them to “prove“ my point… I never thought anyone else in the world would try googling for them…
“sadeveloper t-shirt photo”
Ok, so which of you SA Developers is trying to get a sneak peak at the latest in fashion?  Or are we really such an innovative and leading group of people that there are other’s out there who just want to look like us?

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Awesome blonde joke

Just saw this and its gotta be one of the best blonde jokes ever.  Its the first time I’ve heard it and its aparently been around for ages (and has a long history).

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Stupid Joke

I heard a corny joke last night which I found really funny, and yet I empathise with it quite well…

The guy was talking about his problem remembering acronyms, and ended up saying that he’d found a support group to help him… P.A.M. – People who Misspell Ackronyms.  Sometimes I think developers need to join that group… second thing we do or make is a TLA.

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Fun Flash stuff…

I’m not sure if I linked to these before, but here are two cool flash animations.

“Bang Bang” and “I Like You”

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Quote of the Day

“There is a possibility of peace, but unfortunately there is also a possibility of war”
– Perez de Queliar, Secretary General of the UN

A friend of mine (John) MSN’d me the quote, which he got from an e-mail.  I’m not sure in what context that was said so I could be way off, but wouldn’t it have been better to say “I don’t know” or “No comment” or “It could go either way”.  I guess his way of saying it sounds more official, and makes him sound far more intelligent than my options… But it all comes down to the same thing – he doesn’t actually have a clue.  😉

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Mid week humour

I was just reading one of Scoble‘s blog entries about the Numa Numa Dance, so I checked out his link to the Numa Numa video and almost wet myself.  Its a cool song and a cool dance.  Seriously, check it out…

The link path goes something like this:  Gary Brolsma from Saddle Brook, New Jersey recorded the video > Via who knows which friend > New Grounds> Via various news feeds > The Daily Collegian > Purging Poison (Bad Monkey got here via The Birth of Venus)> Bad Monkey > Scoble > Me > You

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Its a wonderful life in 30 seconds…

Ok, so I’ve never watched this movie but I always hear about it in the US TV programs and movies… Here’s a link to “It’s a wonderful life in 30 seconds” re-enacted by bunnies… Its kinda funny. 😀

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Funny signs… (or is my mind just odd)

Ok, so I was just at the Belgian Consulate fetching our passports (with nice new Shengen visa’s inside) and, while waiting for the lift to come to take me back downstairs, I ended up reading their evacuation procedure.  (The building is the old IS building in Rosebank – where I used to work in 2000)

Anyway, they were all kinda normal. “Don’t panic”, “switch off your pc”, etc… but what caught my imagination was the “Take your handbag/briefcase/visitors and leave the building”…  Do they mean to imply that visitors are like handbags/briefcases?  I could just see some poor female employee swinging her handbag and her visitor over her shoulder and exiting the building.  That should, after all, be perfectly normal behaviour according to this sign.

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File extensions…

Ok, so this file extensions quiz is doing the rounds in the blogs, so here’s my result…

You are .cgi Your life seems a bit too scripted, and sometimes you are exploited.  Still a  workhorse though.
Which File Extension are You?

Now I’m not sure if that’s such a good thing or not… Is that really me?

[Update: Ok, so I took the test again… now I come out as….You are .mp3 The kids love you.  You get along with just about everybody except the music industry.  You really make yourself heard.
All just by changing 2 answers (IIRC)… Now comes the dilemma… which one am I?  Oh the strain, how will I live with this double life?  When will it end?  Who am I really? *sigh*

Ok back to reality – I wonder how many different personalities I could get if I keep answering that quiz?  Could be fun. :-)]