General Humour

Funny signs… (or is my mind just odd)

Ok, so I was just at the Belgian Consulate fetching our passports (with nice new Shengen visa’s inside) and, while waiting for the lift to come to take me back downstairs, I ended up reading their evacuation procedure.  (The building is the old IS building in Rosebank – where I used to work in 2000)

Anyway, they were all kinda normal. “Don’t panic”, “switch off your pc”, etc… but what caught my imagination was the “Take your handbag/briefcase/visitors and leave the building”…  Do they mean to imply that visitors are like handbags/briefcases?  I could just see some poor female employee swinging her handbag and her visitor over her shoulder and exiting the building.  That should, after all, be perfectly normal behaviour according to this sign.

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