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Last one… I promise… ;-)

Ok, so here’s my last praise for iBurst. I’ve left the iBurst modem at home for the last few days since my work only had 30-40% signal, but I noticed the other day that Centurion’s base station was actually still being implemented.  Hoping that it would improve, I brought my modem to work today.  70-80% signal.  280kbps download (I’ve not been stretching it much so it possibly could go higher)  So I now have fast internet at home and at work… 

Can you tell that I’m just a bit excited about this?  πŸ˜‰

(Oh, I just downloaded a file at 100kBytes per second, can this get any better? :-))

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Wait until you reach your 3GB cap. πŸ™‚

You get downgraded to a max of 64kbit/sec after the 3GB, and apparently you can buy another account for an extra Rxxx.xx

That’s the story I heard in December when I watch a demo of the tech…

Yeah, 3GB is small, but then compared to what’s on offer, its faster than Telkom’s fastest connection, has the same cap as them, has faster access after the cap than telkom, and costs less. Compared to Sentech, its faster and cheaper than their fastest option, but its capped whereas theirs is not. I don’t mind the cap, as long as I have good speed until the cap. I guess I’ll just have to wean myself off the massive downloads once the cap’s in place. So far its just been a few .Net Shows, some DotNetRocks shows, and audio streaming. I’m pretty sure I’d have hit my cap already if it was in place, but then I won’t usually download 6 .Net shows in a month (they only do a new one about every 1.5 months) and there are only 4 DotNetRocks episodes in a month, so I guess I’ll be ok. πŸ˜‰

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