Speed is good…

It really is… (no, not speed the drug, but speed as in bandwidth)  This weekend I did a Skype conference call to 2 other local wireless broadband users, I Skyped out to my mom in Belgium for almost an hour (Costing me about R6.50), I checked out previews of some awesome movies, watched some music video’s via Windows Media Player, listened to a whole bunch of radio stations, and downloaded a bunch of DotNetRocks episodes.

Now I just need to get a better mic (my current one buzzes a bit) and a web cam, and I’ll be all set to make video calls…  My step-sister* (Evy) has a web cam, so while I was Skyping out to my mom, I was also watching them on their web cam.  It was actually really cool, watching the web cam just adds an extra level of interaction that you’d not normally get on a phone, and I was pretty suprised as to how quickly I adjusted to it… it just felt natural to be able to see the person you’re talking to.  I guess I also know the layout of my mom’s home, so I could almost picture myself sitting in the room she was in, which kinda made it just that little bit more “real”.

And I also want/need a new TV card in my PC so I can record TV shows, and write them to CD so we can build up a library of movies without having to spend a fortune on tapes for the VCR (which is starting to need a service – its recording quality is getting kinda bad)  My current TV card just hangs my PC… I *KNOW* I had this problem the last time I had it in my PC, and I *KNOW* I fixed it, but I can’t seem to get it right this time… (I think it had something to do with my sound card’s IR remote control and its IR remote control clashing)  My current TV card even has an SDK I can download so that I could write my own software to control it, so it would be great to get it working because then I could write myself a mobile web app that would let me start it recording programs via my cellphone…

*She’s kinda my step sister, but I’m not sure if it would be “legally” correct to call her that.  You see my mom wanted to get married again but both her and her new husband didn’t want the legal side of it. (They’d both been divorced before and really didn’t want the hassles, so they wanted a wedding and wanted to publicly commit to each other, but just didn’t want the legalities)  So relationally she’s my step-sister, but “legally” she’s not. Ok, so I’m just being pedantic… but to someone out there it might just be important. 😉

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