Ignoring potential customers is BAAAAAAD, m’kay?

I mailed about 5 of the iBurst resellers on Tuesday at about 10am asking them for pricing and other info about getting an iBurst connection from them.  FusionReactor called me back in about 10 minutes… Nobody else responded, until now.  I just got an e-mail from one of the resellers saying that they’re out of stock, etc, etc, and will only be able to help me in March. 

I read it, and couldn’t help thinking “Gee, Mr IT Company… if it takes you 3 days to reply to an e-mail from a potential customer looking to buy your product, how many weeks will I have to wait for you to reply to support queries after I become your customer?”  Its one of those “Get a clue!” moments, when you just have an urge to beat the company’s sales team to a pulp with a clue stick.  If I was their manager that’s certainly what I’d do.  Ok, so maybe they were busy, or maybe they had some IT problems, or maybe they just don’t care.  In all of those cases it doesn’t send a good message to potential clients, in fact I don’t think I’ll be asking them for information in future… when I e-mail a company querying one of their products I expect to hear back from them in at MOST 24 hours. If not, I can only assume that you don’t really care about your product, your customers, or your company’s sales figures.  And if you don’t care, why should I?

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