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If wishes were…

When I was growing up I’d often hear people say “if wishes were horses, I’d be riding” (or something like that…)  Today I’m saying “if wishes were smartphones, I’d have the iMate SP3”

But no, wishes aren’t smartphones, and Vodacom don’t seem to be keen to help a geek like me get my hands on a one either.

Locally, Leaf Wireless started importing a new version of the iMate PDS last month and a smartphone, their press releases are: PDA (i-Mate PDA2k) and Smartphone (i-Mate SP3). 

Motorola do the MPX200 and MPX220.  The MPX200 uses older technology and doesn’t do bluetooth, the MPX220 uses the newer Windows Mobile, has bluetooth and a few other things.  Unfortunately its not in SA yet… I e-mailed Motorola SA about a month ago and was told it would be here in November/December.  I mailed them a few days ago and was told that the launch was postponed to somewhere around December 18 because they didn’t have stock when the original launch date came.  But they also warned that the December date was subject to stock availability, and I’m guessing SA is not a big priority for Motorola so we’ll probably only see stock next year. πŸ™

Now in the mean time I’ve been following these phones for a while and I was most pleased that they’d be launching around the time I was eligable for a cellphone upgrade.  I could officially upgrade my phone on November 5th this year.  Since I knew that Motorola hadn’t launched yet, I resigned myself to getting the iMate SP3.  I was thinking that since the press release came out almost a month ago, Vodacom would certainly be offering it as one of their upgrade options.

Unfortunately I was very mistaken.  Vodacom have “discontinued” the old version of the iMate (a logical move since its replacement is out), but they haven’t started offering the new one.  I also found out that they have “discontinued” the MPX200, which is less obvious since its replacement is not yet out.  There is no indication from them as to when they might actually get hold of the new versions of the iMate and start offering them. 

It is most frustrating… I *WANT* a smartphone, and I *WANT* it now. πŸ™  Ok, so enough pouting and whining… I’ll just try waiting a month and see what comes of it…

But for those of you who are most fortunate and have one of these babies already, check out  this link I got in the latest “Microsoft Insider Update”  newsletter (click here to subscribe) – Download award-winning applications for Windows Mobile – free! 

Looks like there are some cool apps for these phones.  Now I must go and prepare myself for the long wait till December and the new list of phones I can get from Vodacom…

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Yup, I had the identical experience.

I was looking at the Treo, but the one down here doesn’t have bluetooth/Wi-Fi.

When you have a phone that big, the Bluetooth headset is a serious plus.

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