I finally got Telkom to put a phone line in at home.  Now that I’m finally able to connect to the internet on my home PC again, I thought I’d find a copy of XP SP2 to install on my pc.  But so far the “techies” at work have told me its a BAAAAAAAAD idea.  It aparently caused one of the PC’s at work to have so many problems that they had to re-install it, and they claim that its caused many hassles for other companies.

Since I didn’t really need to install it on my home PC till now, I haven’t been reading much about XP SP2’s stability… but their reports do worry me a bit. I say “a bit” because I tend to take their advice with a bag of salt since they’re not always known to the most skilled techie’s…. it once took them 3 days to realise that our work’s internet connection was down.

Any comments?

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  1. I installed SP2 at home.

    My Maxtor 160gig SATA (main C drive) died as it rebooted.


    I had to re-install. But I re-installed from a roll-up WinXP+SP2 cd, instead of installing vanilla XP and patching to SP2. Has been working fine ever since. (Not to mention my 100-odd gigs of lost por… erm, data…)

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