Highs and Lows

After having a particularly random sequence of thoughts… (although, how could you have a random sequence… doesn’t the word “sequence” imply something of an order to the items? so I guess it would be a random attack of thoughts… (although “attack” describes something about the intent of the thoughts, which is not accurate in this case – I guess I could use “bunch”, but that implies that they arrived together, as opposed to arriving in a haphazard fashion (I just did a spell-check on “haphazard”, and I really need to get some kinda clipboard based spell checker – currently I open MS Word, paste the offending word into it and get it to check the spelling), much like this set of thoughts)

Ok, so after a particularly random randomness of thoughts (although, mind you, how can you get a “particularly random” anything? Surely its either random, or its not?)…. [Grrr this is getting tiring]

After a random randomness of thoughts I… oh wait… I forgot what I was going to say with all that “random randomness junk”…

Thank goodness for titles – I was going to talk about my highs and lows… basically I was having a few random thoughts and was debating which I should blog.  I ended up canning most of the ideas as irrelevant, stupid, time wasters, or just plain boring… So I thought that a good post would be a “Highs and Lows” post…

I got the idea from a movie – I think it had the “Die Hard” guy (also starred in “The Kid”, and that comedy about the dentist who’s wife hires someone to have him killed) anyway… the movie was about a husband and wife who were not getting along (at some point they send their kids away to “Summer Camp”, the parents “separate” and I think they get back together before “Summer Camp” ends)  At some point, when the whole family is sitting around the dinner table and the dad asks them what their highs and lows of the week were.  Its meant to be a “quick look” into the other person’s life to help them get to know eachother… but at some point it loses its sincerity (kinda like walking past someone you know in the street and saying “Hi, how are you?”) Eventually you do it because its “what’s meant to be done”, and not because you really want to know how they’re doing.

So, anyway… What are my highs and lows for the last week?

Highs: Going to the Zoo with my wife (Christie), buying a dishwasher (its extremely cool to not have to wash dishes), our first “group dinner” at home (Sean, Matt and Helen came for dinner and DVD’s), and our 1 month aniversary of being married, and finding our marriage certificate after not being able to find it for almost 2 weeks.

Lows: Lack of sleep/energy (all these “stoopid” public holidays are messing with my brain’s clock), a “really slow” pc at work that’s making my progress pretty much non-existant…

I’m sure there’s more lows that I’m not thinking of, and I’m sure I’ll have a high tonight when Christie graduates from Wits with her BA (English and History)… πŸ™‚

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I just opened sharp reader and noticed that I hadn’t actually read this highs and lows blog yet… πŸ™‚ – I love the way you get carried away on little randomly "sequenced" ideas that aren’t quite bunched up but arrive in an order that can be described as a sequence as much as it can be said to be randomly created.

Oh yes, I have two really cool tools to help with the offending word problem you were having, the program is called wordweb, I have the instal, but it would be quicker for you to download it, do a search in google for WordWeb, it is a mini dictionary, and it works extremly well, my brother, Mat, and I use it. It gives quick access to definitions and similar words… nouns, verbs and any other english language jargon.

That is officially my comment of the day πŸ™‚

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