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Great, yet frustrating…

[Update: All the links were broken… they’re fixed now.]

I saw a link to a flash “page/site” by Microsoft around their new slogan “Your Potential. Our passion“…. (Via Alex Barnett‘s blog entry “Microsoft Does Flash RIGHT!” – he got it from Flex-MX blog)

Its a really cool flash “ad”, and shows a lot of the technologies that I’d really love to have the cash to play with.  But its also frustrating in two ways:

  1. It takes forever to download each flash file – I’d love to save them to my hard drive, but my brief attempts at finding the SWF to download turned up pretty empty.
  2. I now KNOW that soon some rich yuppie near me with no real appreciation for the technologies will buy a Tablet PC, only to 1/2 use its potential but still WOW’ing people with their supposed “technological knowledge/abilities”… Ok, so I’ll admit it…. I’ll be 100% jealous… I’d LOVE to get my hands on one of them, I just KNOW it would help out my wife at her work, and me with my attempts at starting my own business some time in the future. (if anyone out there is feeling really generous and has a good few thousand rand to spare, feel free to buy me one :D)


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Hrm… looks like BlogJet got the links wrong… every single link in that post had the same error. πŸ™ It’s fixed now…

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